Nutrilab quality: ISO 17025 accreditation Microscope Analysis Selector

Nutrilab quality: ISO 17025 accreditation

To guarantee the quality of test results, Nutrilab meets various quality control requirements, such as the accreditation certificate from the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA). In addition to the RvA accreditation, Nutrilab holds other certifications including the GMP+ International B10 certification and the FASFC certification. Nutrilab is also a recognised laboratory with various organisations such as OVOCOM, VERNOF and Gafta.

Partly due to this recognition, Nutrilab has a broad national and international client base in the foodstuffs market, which includes manufacturers, product boards and consumer organisations.

Quality control within Nutrilab is subject to constant evaluation and assessment. The quality of test results is safeguarded through control samples, control standards and certified reference materials where the results need to comply with strict regulations.


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